"Apologised" and "promises" should be in scare quotes tbh

On the “Israel routinely blackmails Palestinian queers to make them informants” story


For the original story, see for example The Guardian. This is a response from Palestinian LGBTQ organisation Al-Qaws.

We are concerned that by isolating homosexuality as the main and most troubling target of the Israeli intelligence apparatus, as recently disclosed, one is ignoring the comprehensive stranglehold that this militarized colonial regime has on the lives and privacy of Palestinians throughout the occupied country.

Blackmailing and extorting an individual on the basis of their sexuality for mainstream LGBT rights framing is a seriously damning act of totalitarian oppression. Concentrating on this alone, however, does allow recognition of a hierarchy of priorities in which Palestinians are expected to acquiesce unquestioningly.

Indeed sexuality in its totality (including and not just limited to homosexuality) in Palestine is socially, politically and psychologically significant – but only the symptom of a much larger cancer. It cannot be singled out as a supreme priority vis-a-vis access to healthcare, disruption of freedom of movement, bribery, exposure of marital infidelities, financial blackmail, drug use or any other form of extortion. All eventually amount to systematic and premeditated violence.

The danger in singling out homosexuality only strengthens narratives of pinkwashing, where one could only exist as a secret homosexual person in Palestine, always worried about his/her/their outing, and having to look to Israel as the all-powerful and all-knowing entity capable of making or unmaking that life. Falling prey to this logic only entrenches a false binary that actively frames Palestine and Palestinians as homophobic versus Israel and Israelis as sexually tolerant and liberal.

We notice, and are dismayed and worried, that some critiques of, and approaches towards, this revelation practices by the Israeli Intelligence Unit 8200, have a disappointed tone of voice, as if trying to say, ‘Behave Israel, we know you are better than this.’ This is only misleading. The fact is that Israel is a totalitarian military colonial power that has no good intention towards any Palestinian lives it controls and such practices of entrapment are central to (even constitutive of) the fabric of the Israeli Military state.

Israeli Military intelligence is well aware that by using sexuality as tool of extortion and entrapment, it also strengthens this fabricated link between non-heteronormative sexualities, practices and identities and Israeli Colonial Oppression in the eyes of the general Palestinian people. The linking of sexuality with Palestinian collaborators has become a word and a subjectivity of its own in the Palestinian imaginary and reality known as isqatat.

In our struggle, we are constantly seeking to dismantle and resist this oppressive stereotype. Therefore, simplistic and reductionist approaches to sexuality in Palestine and Israeli oppression, although intentionally seeking to expose Zionist Israel, unwittingly facilitate this discourse, rather than disrupting pinkwashing.

In other words, Israel is interested in portraying Palestinian sexuality in any form that transgresses the confines of the heteronormative institution (conventional marriage), as being in some form linked to Israel. In the case of there being any positive progress in the Palestinian sexual movement, Israel will rush to take the credit. Should there be any regression, Israel will still make use of the situation by stigmatizing and exploiting Palestinians and coming out as the only protagonist for sexual rights and tolerance.

All in all, Zionism is the only winner in such dialectics.

(Source: facebook.com)

"People of colour call out racism; racists respond with racist sentiment and a great effort to shut down the argument; admins and other authority figures attempt to calm the situation by speaking of “two sides” (and not racialising either despite it clearly being POC vs. whites); POC in question recognise the silencing mechanisms and respond with further anger; whites use every quietly racist bone in their bodies to tarnish the reputation of POC as a collective group; authority figures delete any remaining source of anger and release a statement on safe spaces…"

Queer women need to stop fetishizing trans men. We’re not your nice guys.


There’s a growing problem in the queer community right now of women identifying folk fetishizing trans men not only sexually but also as the better kind of man compared to cis men.

I don’t claim to talk for all trans men everywhere, and I’m open to the idea that I’m completely wrong about this, but it’s a problem I’ve seen and personally experienced within the community and I think it bares discussion.

Let’s talk about the sexual aspect first; queer women love fetishizing trans men. It’s no secret in the community. Pretty much every trans man I’ve ever met who’s involved in the queer community can identify that. From what I can understand this is because we’re seen as the ultimate butches. I once had an annoying encounter with a drag queen who asserted that all trans men are lesbians, like once you hit the max level of being a lesbian you just decide to become a man.

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this comes up every now and again (e.g. for the AFem2014 conference in London, remember?)

I think it’s to the credit of trans men/trans masculine ppl that they so frequently remind people how problematic they can be ;)


Sometimes I’m reading through the various support blogs for non binary and binary trans people that I follow, and I end up thinking to myself ‘Wow, are all these people transgender?’ It seems almost hard to believe

And then I remember that this is the point: society likes to erase us and pretend we don’t exist, so a great many of us grow up never even considering that we might be transgender and we think (like everyone else) that there are very few trans people in the world. But Tumblr’s been great in reminding me that for thousands of people being trans is a reality and their everyday experience.

This is why I get very defensive when people bash Tumblr, because it is good and great and awesome.

Human Rights Watch says the men were charged with “lewd or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex”. Ugh.

…and you can add more than one! Amazing! Now if you switched to US English to get the options, you can switch back.

Some of the options are weird (‘asexual’ as a gender identity??) but mainly a Good Thing.

I wrote a thing that’s in a thing. that’s scary.

Amazing piece by CN Lester, about why they avoid cis queer spaces, the #NoUnexpectedPenises hashtag, and trans-exclusionary feminists’ shite views on science.

the only proof they’ll accept is your own fucking sex tapes you’ve made for your own private fucking viewing. ugh.