Beautiful short video of Hamja Ahsan, who became a human rights organiser after his brother Talha was arrested by “anti-terror” police.


This is fucking horrifying. The level of dehumanisation…

Warning: the article is written by someone that obviously supports the practice, quoting a 1927 eugenicist judge who talks about lowering the number of “imbeciles”, and who buys hook line and sinker into the “saving them from their drug-addled futures” crap.

This is so explicitly eugenicist I literally feel queasy. Ugh.

"This book ban is a symptom of the prison service’s growing reliance on commercial labour contracts. Prisons now house low-skilled ‘prison industries’, factories where inmates are pressured to work for pay rates that are exempt from national minimum wage regulation (most earn little more than £10 a week. Yes, a week).

Last year, 9,700 prisoners were employed in these industries, working a total of 13.1 million hours, their cheap labour generating vast profits for the companies contracting them. That was roughly 10% of the total prison population, leaving much room for future expansion of this malleable labour resource.

As they are offered no rights, next to no pay and mundane work under prison conditions, the penal system must create incentive structures that push people into work, increasing the pool of cheap labour available for commercial contracts.

The ban, and wider scheme, therefore operate as a means to galvanise the prison population into these lucrative production lines. By forcing prisoners to pay for basic goods that were formerly free, Grayling is creating a disciplinary regime that compels prisoners to work in prison industries to find resources."

Earning their keep: The book ban and contemporary prisons

There’s a petition calling for an end to this ridiculous practice.

Always run with the scary-sounding “team of scientists”, yeah?

I think the problem is less the bored ‘scary scientist’ (relying on tropes much?), and more the fact this team is led by an amoral philosopher who called the idea of treating prisoners like human beings “almost laughably inadequate”.

Let alone the offensive ‘no atheists in a foxhole’ idea that supporters of restorative justice would actually “shrink from suggesting” that we shouldn’t go eye-for-an-eye biblical on their asses.

So gross.


Statistically speaking, Edison is rare, but not unique. She summed it up best with a tweet: “Please keep Toronto Airport customs/immigration officials in your thoughts, as this is apparently their first time meeting a trans person.” And this is in Canada, which we’re told has some of the best rights for LGBT people in the world. That this could happen there, of all places, gives you a taste of how harrowing travel can be for transgender people.

Supposedly progressive Denmark put transgender asylum seeker Fernanda Milan in a male detention centre in 2012 – where her medical treatment was stopped and she was repeatedly raped. If you respect the rights of transgender women you don’t put them in men’s prisons, regardless of their genital status. And if Canada and Denmark treat trans people like this, what do you think it’s like elsewhere?


Avery Edison: how could Canada consider sending a trans woman to a male prison?

Good article by Paris Lees (though it chats about Avery’s junk more than I’d want if I were Avery).




She was detained by Immigration last night, due to her over-staying a previous visa. Shit-fest ensues, with constant misgendering, and now they’ve taken her to a fucking male fucking prison.

She’s a friend of a friend. This is sick. I can’t even

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CeCe McDonald was released from prison (should’ve never been there in the first place; see Support CeCe and Prison Culture for why). She’s hanging out with Laverne Cox! Listening to Beyoncé! They will be spending some time together since Laverne is creating a documentary on CeCe. (I may have bawled a bit.)

While the long awaited good news is here, I think of two important things that @PrisonCulture alluded to: One is that someone serving time for self-defense in a transmisogynistic, misogynoiristic and racist society and then being released is not “justice.” Justice would have occurred if she had a right to defend herself in the first place! Second thing is that the work is not done for trans people. She shared a link to the transformative justice project and other links were shared in the hashtag that I am about to mention.

A hashtag, #BecauseofCeCe was started by @JanetMock that included beautiful sentiments about CeCe and discussed the importance of justice for trans women. I saw cis and trans people alike in that tag with incredibly beautiful words. Janet also penned a letter to CeCe, part of which I could feel Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise in:

Activist and community members around the world have chanted, ‘FREE CECE.’ But I know you have been free this entire time. No one could take that from you. Your narrative alone, in your own words, with your own beauty and power and love and graciousness, showed me that I did not need to fight for your freedom. Your life was yours. Your body was held captive. But you were always free.

So, that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. She goes on in the letter to discuss critical intersectional issues that speak to CeCe’s experience—ones often ignored even within LGBTQIA spaces, because of White supremacy and patriarchy, no less. Critical post.

Cheering for CeCe and wishing her the absolute best in life. 

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